Taurine is is found abundantly in healthy bodies and plays an important role. Unfortunately most modern diets often lack adequate amounts of Taurine. In the TriSTILL formulation, Taurine acts as a brain cellular hydrator providing hydration to where it the body needs it most – the brain.

With the popularity of energy drinks with high caffeine content, Taurine is often labelled the villain – which is both unfounded and untrue. There are however reports of inferior or contaminated Taurine available in the market place resulting in these reports being hyped out of context. We have a long established supplier network which provide only the highest quality certified pharmaceutical-grade Taurine for all TriSTILL products.

Some of the best known benefits of Taurine are:

  • It promotes cellular regeneration, especially in the nerves, heart muscle and liver
  • Assits with brain hydration
  • Results in longevity when higher than average quantities are consumed (such as on Japan’s famous “Island of Longevity”)
  • Lessens the effects of diabetes and obesity in humans
  • Strengthens heart muscle cells, extending their life span, and protecting them from damage, while reducing many of the factors that produce atherosclerosis and its deadly consequences
  • Protects retinal and inner ear cells from damage, normalising the flow of calcium ions they require for proper function, and
  • Plays a role in preventing epileptic seizures and liver disease, two conditions that can be attributed to toxic effects on delicate tissue

Brain Hydration assits with the absorption of trimesemine

Stabilised Mesembrine extract

Blood Brain Absorption

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